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Armada Ensign

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Thương hiệu: Z-G Interaction Figures

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Product Features

The Armada Ensign: A green figure that includes: a flight pack (with folding wing action)
claw melee weapon
laser rifle
recoilless wrist cannon.
This figure also comes with the armor and boots as well.

Product Description

The figures are styled in an anime presentation. Each one looks like it came out of a japanese cartoon, ready to do robotic battle with one of its adversaries. Each figure has 14 points of articulation. 14 points of articulation is an unheard of amount in most commercial toys. This figure is capable of doing yoga if you want it to. It can be posed in any number of ways during play. Advanced rules for Zeta-Gear actually include rules for posing the figure. However I'm only going to touch on the basic gameplay. The game itself is played with the figures, using the cards to resolve actions like movement and combat. You select cards to get an impulse number, which is basically your initiative. The person with the highest impulse gets to place their figure first, the next and so on. Once the area of play is established (and trust me, you can use a whole room as the play field) you begin play. Play is quick, and furious. Combat is resolved by using an attack card from your hand. You match the colored triangles on the end of your attack card with the triangles on the end of a card chosen from your opponents "target deck". Target cards are played faced down and spun to ensure randomness. Once spun you flip the target card face up to see how many matches (0 to 3) the colored fringes make. The target card represents the gear you attack,and the potential damage an opponent might take. The number of matches indicate the amount of damage you do to your opponent. If you manage to "slag" an opponents gear (minimum 2 matches), the card for that gear is removed from play and placed in a slag heap. The accompanying accessory is then removed from the figure, and play continues.

Product information

Product Dimensions 6.5 x 6.4 x 2.1 inches
Shipping Weight 0.4 pounds
Item model number

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