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Tortle Newborn Hat, Adjustable Head Support Prevents Flat Head, FDA Cleared, Neck Positioner, Turtles, Small

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Size: 0-2 Months/5-10 LBS

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Product Features

Tortle is the only patented FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device, designed by a Pediatrician & Neonatologist Dr. Jane Scott, who is also a mother of 4
Torticollis can be prevented by adequate positioning which Tortle can accommodate and Tortle can also help to improve if the asymmetric neck muscles already developed.
Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly / Brachycephaly & Torticollis) is completely preventable and in most cases treatable with proper positioning and use of the Tortle (recommended for newborns to wear for the first six months)
Perfect for Baby Travel: Wearing Tortle whenever baby's head is resting in car seat, stroller, bouncer, floor or supervised sleep can help encourage baby to avoid flat head syndrome
Sizes: Small (0-2 months/5-10 lbs) - Medium (2-4 months/10-15 lbs) - Large (4-6 months/15-20 lbs) - All sizes equipped with adjustable side tabs to ensure custom fit (Machine washable)

Product Description

Flat Head Syndrome is a condition that affects nearly 1 in 2 babies. A baby's head can develop a flat spot due to constant pressure on a specific area. Babies are vulnerable because their skull is soft and pliable during the first 6 months of age. Babies spend a lot of time lying on their backs, and may develop a flat spot where their head presses against a mattress, bouncer, stroller, swing or car seat. A baby's skull becomes less soft and pliable as they grow. The younger the baby is, the easier it will be to correct Flat Head Syndrome.

Flat Head Syndrome Frequently Involves 2 Problems:

Plagiocephaly/Brachycephaly is a flattening of the baby's skull and torticollis refers to unbalanced neck muscles.

Torticollis, refers to unbalanced neck muscles. It frequently pulls the infant's head into an abnormal tilt. It can be congenital (present at birth) or acquired from inadequate repositioning.

Flat Head Syndrome is Completely Preventable

In most cases treatable with proper positioning and use of the Tortle Beanie. Babies do best if they experience equal movement of their heads from side to side from birth to 6 months, which is what Tortle assists in. Nesting your baby's head in one position will promote areas of flattening or bulging. Repositioning is recommended for all newborns; every baby is at risk for developing Flat Head. Proper movement and deliberate repositioning of your infant from birth is one of the keys to healthy development. Early detection and correct use of Tortle will ensure the best long term results. To properly use the Tortle, you must pull the beanie down as far as possible so the crown of the head is fitted into the top of the beanie and ears are covered. The fit of the hat can be adjusted using the side cinch tabs. The Tortle travels easily for usage while laying in a car seat, stroller, bouncer or napping in a crib (supervised by caregivers).

Product information

Product Dimensions 9.2 x 6.1 x 1.9 inches
Shipping Weight 0.2 pounds
Item model number 65076

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