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Zap! Lube(TM) Micro-sphere Lubricant - An Outstanding Lubricant for Your Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, Awana Race, or YMCA Cars (Graphite Free!)

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Product Features

Bonus! Order includes "Derby Speed Tips!" This Nuts and Bolts instruction document will help you build a Race Car that is Faster than a speeding bullet!
Zap! Lube minimizes friction for a blazing performance. Get more speed with Zap! Lube and NO graphite on your paint job or fingers. Zap! Lube is what your friends will be using. Don't get left at the Starting Line because you chose last year's lubricant technology. Zap! Lube surpasses Teflon, Graphite and Graphite with Molybdenum Disulfide lubricants in tests.
Graphite lubricated cars will continually slow down as they are raced and need to be re-lubricated, but a car lubricated with Zap! Lube will keep speeding down the track race after race.
Zap! Lube(TM) is the ideal product for Pinewood Derby and Awana cars as well as Space Derby rockets. With a well-designed and tuned racer, Zap! Lube will put YOU in the winner's circle!
Important - Wheels lubricated with Zap! Lube Micro-sphere Lubricant will not free-spin as long as wheels lubricated with a graphite. However, on the track, Zap! Lube will perform admirably.

Product Description

At Lubricity LLC we understand that our customers know what will work best for their needs. Our Zap Lube(TM) Premium Products are:
1) Zap Lube(TM) Micro-Sphere Lubricant - The ultimate in Extended Friction Reduction! Millions of minute spheres attach and coat your race car surfaces to maximize your speed.
2) Zap Lube(TM) High Performance Dry Graphite - Our High Purity Ultra-Fine Natural Graphite is one of Nature's most effective solid phase lubricants. Selecting our High Purity Graphite will reduce friction (Coefficient of Friction) and minimize the oxidation of your parts. The Ultra-Fine Graphite flakes have been optimized to easily produce a film coating lubricant that minimizes friction on your items. Larger grained Graphite flakes will tend to fall off your parts and thus are less desirable.
3) Zap Lube(TM) High Performance Dry Graphite w/Fused Moly (50/50) - Two of nature's most effective solid phase lubricants have been Fused Together by High Pressure to produce a highly lubricious product. This bonding procedure guarantees an ultra-fine homogenous lubricant. Homogeneity at this level simply cannot be achieved by stirring two dry powders together. Unbonded powder will separate over time compromising the product's quality.

Use Zap! Lube for the winning advantage.

Product information

Product Dimensions 2.07 x 1.29 x 0.71 inches
Shipping Weight 0.07 pounds
Item model number

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